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About Tobie Mining & Energy Inc.


Focusing on the earths mineral and energy resources, Tobie Mining & Energy works through above average social and environmental standards to discover new and previously overlooked deposits.


Tobie Mining & Energy operates out of the Houston area of Texas. This area of Texas began to make a name in oil history from the time of the great oil explorers like Colonel James Guffey and Captain A. Lucas who discovered the famous Beaumont area oil flowing with the light sweet oil that West Texas became famous for.


Drawing on its homestead area oil roots, Tobie Mining & Energy combines valuable experience with cutting edge technology to discover and recover ancient hydrocarbon deposits for new energy demands.

With facilities spreading between The Woodlands and the Houston Intercontinental Airport area, Tobie is neighbors with Texan successes such as Compaq Computers, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, Baker Hughes and others that call the area home.





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