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Tobie Mining & Energy is presently exploring reservoir opportunities in Colombia, South America. Tobie’s hydrocarbon recovery side of our Energy Division, actively searches for primary, secondary and especially tertiary exploration and extraction opportunities. Our tertiary efforts in extraction are innovative and swiftly convert an often difficult or even abandoned well into a producing asset.

Using the newest in technology and combining a complementary use of tandem 2D and 3D seismics, Tobie can recover a deposit that may have been deemed unrecoverable and often those that were even overlooked. In this way Tobie can turn a previous or present companies liability into a producing asset once again. With new recovery techniques, Tobie’s engineering team can coax out oil or gas from difficult or seemingly impervious targets.

Some of our engineers inspect oil drilling equipment in Colombia. (also in photo in the upper-left) Tobie is always seeking partners with hydrocarbon assets which are inactive at present. With Tobie’s financial ability and our strong local ties and connection to Colombia, we would be your best option to review your lower priority inactive or abandoned wells and revitalize them to both partners mutual benefit.

Pipeline Saw in Alberta from a Tobie Associate considered for Shipment to Colombia.

Some of our engineers inspect oil drilling equipment in Colombia.







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