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Gold Mine Safety

Health and Safety

Tobie Mining & Energy Inc. is committed to achieving the highest standards of gold mine safety and health for all our business activities.

We understand that mining is regarded as a hazardous industry and therefore we have established proven formal risk management processes for all of our business activities.  These enable us to identify hazards, assess risk, determine appropriate control measures for those hazards and monitor the effectiveness of those controls in everything we do.

Gold Mine safety procedures and site standards are used at Tobie Mining to ensure that tasks and work practices are performed in a safe manner with minimal risk.  All employees are encouraged to assist in developing these standards in order to mitigate hazards within their work environments.

Emergency Response

Our intention is to ensure we are adequately prepared to respond to all potential emergency situations effectively and in a timely manner.  The mine is well positioned to access external emergency services such as fire, ambulance and medical facilities.

Tobie Mining recognizes that rescues today must be highly organized efforts carried out by a group of individuals working together as a team, therefore the mine maintains a fully manned mine rescue team on-call.  The team is trained in numerous emergency disciplines such as fire fighting, search and rescue, first aid, vehicle extraction, vertical rope rescue and long duration breathing apparatus.

Environmental Initiatives

At Tobie Mining, sustainability means achieving a balance of economic prosperity, environmental responsibility and community support.

The concept of sustainability will be a key driver of our future performance.  Its vision is to continue to develop a safe, profitable and sustainable mining operation for the benefit of all its stakeholders.

Tobie Mining recognizes that mining is a temporary land use activity and therefore incorporates environmental management into all business activities.  Managing environmental responsibilities is an integral component in ensuring that the sustainability of our current and future operations is maintained.  One of the main environmental challenges for Tobie Mining is the management of water and related systems.  Operating in a semi-arid environment, means that water-use efficiency needs to be maximized across all areas to ensure the impacts of the mine’s activities do not affect other water users.  Reclaiming underground water, recycling process water, and using a unique method of tailings disposal are all methods employed to conserve water and thus maximize the amount of water available to the community.



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