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The business of gold mining has considerable economic, social and environmental impacts, which have to be considered in the current and longer-life operations.

Tobie Mining & Energy Inc. is aware of what needs to occur in order to create a balance between economic development and the benefits that are enjoyed by our employees and our communities.

Environmental performance

The environmental dimension of sustainability is concerned with the impact of the company on living and non-living nature eco-systems, air and water.

Tobie Mining strives to be an environmentally responsible company, and recognizes that, through the process of gold mining, the company has an impact on the environment. Our definition of the environmental dimension concerns the company’s impacts on living and non-living natural systems, including ecosystems, land, air and water.

We recognize that the long-term sustainability of our business is dependent on good management in both the protection of the environment, and the exploration for and extraction of our mineral resources. We realize that it is our duty to assess environmental impacts and, where significant pollution or degradation may occur, to take all reasonable practicable measures to prevent it from continuing or recurring, and to minimize and rectify pollution or degradation that has already occurred.

Economic performance

Our economic impact is one which has a material effect on:

  • employees and contractors who work at the company’s operations in South Africa, Australia and PNG;
  • shareholders in the company, who are located around the world;
  • suppliers of goods (capital and consumable) and services;
  • customers who buy the company’s gold;
  • national, provincial and local governments, who receive taxes and levies, both in the form of corporate tax paid by the company and income tax paid by employees, and with whom we work to meet the social obligations of the company;
  • suppliers of utilities such as water and electricity;
  • the families of employees, both in the areas surrounding the company’s operations and in the major labour-sending areas; and
  • the communities in these areas, where employees or their families spend money earned at the company’s operations.


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