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Tobie Green Energy’s product line is a clear reflection of its strategy to focus on developing products customized not only to the local geography and wind regime, but also the individual needs of each customer.

Tobie Green Energy’s current product range includes wind turbine generators in capacities of 100 kW, 250kW, 450kW 650kW, 800kW,and 1000 kW. Tobie Green Energy offers its turbines in customized versions for installation in a variety of climate ranging from hot, dry deserts to humid coasts, to near-freezing plains.

Tobie Green Energy has driven a focused effort to make wind turbines more reliable, consistently delivering availability rates beating global standards, higher than 95% on an average.

With different kilowatts of rated power, our wind turbine can match the power needs of many local applications, whether they are municipalities, schools and universities, commercial farms, or business campuses.  Its physical size fits within most constraints inherent in highly populated areas.

Discover the Tobie Green turbines and harness the most advanced technology, in its simplest form, to create solutions for your renewable energy needs.

Our Design


Originally developed and designed for remote and isolated sites, the Tobie Green turbines place reliability at a premium.  Regular and costly maintenance was not an option for applications located in the South Pole or the Indian Ocean—let alone your farm, school or business.  What this means for your application is more energy and less maintenance.  

An engineering advancement in simplicity and precision, our gearless direct drive technology maximizes energy capture and outperforms conventional gearbox designs, therefore, optimizing for low wind speeds.  Our turbines begin making power at wind speeds as low as 3 meters per second (6.6mph) and can provide clear economic benefits in sites with as little as 5.5 meters per second (12.3mph) average annual wind speeds.  

What’s more is that you can track these advancements by utilizing our monitoring system.  All of our turbines come standard with a computer application which provides onsite and remote access for viewing real time power production via the web.  

All turbines capture wind but the Tobie Green turbines capture it the best!

Your Solution

The Tobie Green Turbine is the ideal choice for community applications that favor a low height profile, easy utility connect, low noise and cost effectiveness such as municipalities, farms, schools, businesses, rural utilities and remote villages.

Our Turbines reach from 120 to 200 feet into the sky to capture wind but fit neatly in the landscape at the same time.  Noise levels measured from the base of the turbine mirror quiet conversation (50db), so the Tobie Green turbines will be beautiful to your ears as well as your eyes. 

Even at modest wind speeds, our turbines can produce enough electricity to represent significant savings in utility costs.  Given its 20 year design life, you can be sure that the our units will provide long term benefits and more than pay for itself over time.


Less is more. 
This principal drives our engineering team to create state of the art wind turbines with elegant designs and fewer moving parts than conventional turbines.  By minimizing wearing parts in the load path and maximizing efficiency over the full range of operating conditions, our turbines are a technological masterpiece with its innovative gearless design and best in class energy capture.  What this means for your application is more energy, less maintenance, and higher reliability!

“The Tobie Green turbine’s high performance and reliability can be attributed to three main technological advances: an innovative direct drive/gearless configuration, a high efficiency permanent magnet generator design, and an advanced power converter system.  Tobie Green Energy prides itself on taking innovative approaches to providing cost effective solutions for our customer’s renewable energy needs.” 

Direct Drive Configuration
The Tobie Green’s gearless, direct drive train is at the heart of Tobie Green Energy “less is more” design focus.  Eliminating the gearbox simplifies the drivetrain design by radically reducing the number of moving parts and wear items.  This translates into higher reliability and lower operating costs.  
Permanent Magnet
Our proprietary permanent magnet (PM) generator is central to the Tobie Green innovative drivetrain design.  PM generators offer high efficiency energy conversion, particularly at partial load, and require no separate field excitation system.  Our PM generators are lighter, more efficient, and require less assembly labor than competing designs. The Tobie PM generator was designed at a systems level in conjunction with our power converter to create an optimized solution, tailored for high energy capture and low operating costs.  The Tobie Green generator is cooled directly by the wind, with no auxiliary fans or air transfer through the generator needed.   
Power Electronics
Another key element of Tobie Green innovative direct drive wind turbine design is the power converter used to connect the PM generator output to the local power system. Northern designs and manufactures the power converters for its wind turbines in-house, with complete hardware, control design, and software capabilities. The Tobie Green turbine power converter uses the same advanced control system platform found in the FlexPhase platform, providing reliable and high efficiency operation even on the weak grid systems found in remote village applications.  

Our drive to meet our customers where they live and work is what informed the creation of our monitoring system which comes standard with each Tobie Green turbine.  Our system provides monitoring and control at both the individual turbine and at the fleet level of supervision to ensure high availability and reliable long term operation.   A robust and user friendly tool, permits the tracking of energy production, operating data, alarm notification and reset, and supervisory control from anywhere in the world via a secure web connection.


With the rising cost of energy, Tobie Green Energy provides real power solutions for municipalities, farms, schools, businesses, rural utilities and off grid village applications—helping to shape the way we think about community wind and local power. 

The Tobie Green turbine is making measurable economic impacts in the lives of people who have made these elegant towers their partners in change.


A successful wind project depends not only on an advanced and reliable wind turbine, but on a variety of other activities as well.  Erecting one or more wind turbines usually requires site-specific activity in at least some of the following areas:

  • Analyzing the site’s wind resource and sitting the turbine
  • Developing financial modeling and payback analyses
  • Pursuing grant funding or other available incentives
  • Navigating the local permitting or other regulatory processes
  • Constructing and installing the turbine
  • Performing service and maintenance activities

There are many reputable integrators from around the world that offer some or all of the services mentioned above.  Many will even order the turbine as part of their service package. If you are looking for an integrator to help with some or all of the activities listed above, we are happy to give you recommendations based on your specific needs and location.

Wind Resources

We hope you find the following websites useful as you evaluate wind power for your site: